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Welcome!!  Cessna 150-152's are the most popular two place aircraft ever built,  we've been providing pilots of these easy to fly and maintain airplanes with safety and money saving tips for 30 years.
2017 - A Great Year to Own a Cessna 150-152! 
The most loved basic trainers in all the world are still going strong and

the Cessna 150-152 Club is the place to rub elbows with their owners, pilots, enthusiasts, and some of the finest folks in aviation!

We carry a great selection of products to enhance your Cessna 150-152, including accurate fuel dipsticks, LED overhead lighting, replacement door catches with rubber tips, belly fuel drains, and ashtray pen/flashlight holders.

SOLVE ALL GASCOLATOR PROBLEMS These are the finest gascolators on the market, STC'd for all Cessna 150s. Available in our Online Store . Machined from aluminum and anodized they're built for durability and reliability. Bayonet tab locked and "O" Ring sealed - this unit will eliminate all of the problems suffered by the old factory designs.


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Belly Drain

We hold the STC for one of the most effective and popular C150-152 safety modifications. The MT101 belly fuel drain adds one additional fuel sample point to the lowest part of the C150-152 fuel system. The MT101 kit is a simple and affordable modification, available here on the website. Click here for more information.

Cessna 150-152 Guidebook
Endorsed by the Cessna 150-152 Club.

We proudly endorse this definitive, well illustrated, guide to the Cessna 150-152 written by club member Mike Arman.  Arman's book covers a wide range of topics, including the maintenance of individual components of the airplane, popular modifications, paint and interior, and practical advice about buying, owning and flying the Cessna 150-152.  See the club store for more details.

World's Largest Cessna 150-152 Photo Gallery!
Our Photo Gallery  includes photographs of more than 3,450 Cessna 150-152's worldwide, including  airplanes that have been involved in newsworthy events. You can search our photo database for any airplane by registration, model or year.  We invite you to email us photos to add to the gallery.

You've Got Questions - We've Got Answers
Wondering about the Safety of flying a Cessna 150-152? How much they cost to buy and fly ? How fast they go? Which models are best? See  Frequently Asked Questions

Cross Country Adventures
Think the Cessna 150-152 is too small and/or too slow to be a reasonable cross country airplane? Think Again! Club  Members prove otherwise in:  X country Adventures

Classified Ads.
Cessna 150-152 Airplanes, Parts and Want Ads

Club Member Exclusives
Our member's area contains more than 12,000 web pages of valuable ownership, maintenance and safety information, and is growing every day.

Members Online Forum

Our online discussion forum is the club's most popular member benefit. It's a great way  to  get answers to your Cessna 150-152 questions, and make friends with club members all over the world.

28 Years of  Club Newsletters Online
Read electronic versions of every club newsletter published since our founding in January 1981 through the present day.

Locate Parts and STC Modifications
Search our continuously updated database of parts and aftermarket modifications.

Searchable Public Aircraft  Records.
Search  the known documentation of any US registered airplane, FAA registration,  incident reports,  Service difficulty reports, and NTSB accident history.

Searchable Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives.
Locate SB's & AD's for every model of 150-152, including non standard engines and props.

Most  Recent Technical Issues
Concerned about Aging General Aviation Aircraft, Empennage bracket cracks, rudder stop, or flap track jamming? We've done the research for you. Our analysis of recent technical issues includes all the available documentation, our detailed plain English explanation of the history of these issues, what to do about them, and how much compliance costs. 

Aircraft Specifications and Year by Year Changes
Not sure which airplane is right for you? Get the Performance Specifications and Year by Year Changes for all 27 model years.